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How much dental implants Cost

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dental implant cost

Imported dental implants of high quality cost not less than $ 400. It does not include the cost of plug implants, necessary materials, disposable instruments, additional equipment, as well as clinic’s profit and salary of the specialists. Consequently, the cost of high-quality imported implant installation including the cost of the implant itself is $4000-$5000.

Some people prefer to travel to other countries to save money on dental implants.

The most popular are Africa, Mexico, Ukraine, Spain etc.

Dental tours prices cost

Dental tourism

Pricing and Implantation process

The price depends on the following factors:

  • Brand of implants, abutments, dental crowns;
  • Used equipment, methods of dental prosthetics;
  • Professional skills of a doctor;
  • Extra manipulations (if necessary), such as sinus elevation and bone plastics;
  • Operation complicacy;
  • An implantation technique;
  • A country of surgery.

Dental implants are false tooth root, and the crown is placed on it. The implant is the perfect decision for people, who lost their real teeth and, therefore, suffer from it. The lack of teeth causes considerable discomfort. Teeth implantation is a dental procedure which can replace your missing teeth in any part of the mouth cavity. False teeth are placed instead of the missing ones. They are identical to the real human teeth in terms of the visual quality and functionality. As opposed to traditional methods of prosthetics, dental implants are more physiologically appropriate to mouth cavity structure. They guarantee the flawless look and functionality of real teeth.

Characteristics of the dental implant

The dental implant is an artificial base that is mounted a titanium rod in a jawbone of a patient which is a biocompatible material with tissues of human body. A dental implant consists of several parts; your doctor selects the shape and size based on the individual characteristics of a patient in terms of the jaw bone, the structure of the gum and teeth type that it is necessary to replace – incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

Process of dental implantation

The process of dental implantation consists of two main steps. The first step concludes in installation implant surgery and its implantation into the jawbone. The second step is when the dental model and the crown are made. The implantation procedure is done under local anesthesia in sterile conditions in a dentist’s cabinet.

Denta Implantation processDescription of a dental implantation procedure:

A dentist opens the gum to provide an access to the jawbone.

In the jawbone, a canal is formed which fits exactly to the shape and size of the chosen implant. If the doctor states that there is not enough volume of bone tissue for the implant, then the bone is growing before canal formation and implantation.

A dental implant is screwed into the prepared canal and covered by gum.

After the process of osseointegration (the implant grows into bone) has been going on during 2-6 months, the doctor makes X-ray again to evaluate the present conditions.

When implant grows to jawbone successfully, dentist opens the gum and places creator of gum for about 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, there it’s the time for prosthetics. The dentist takes a mould of the teeth to make dentures in the dental laboratory.

The dental crown is made in the dental laboratory based on the mould of a patient’s tooth.The crown is made of the appropriate shape and color. The form of the patient’s face and his wishes are also taken into account.

When the crown is made, dentist installs it in the patient’s mouth for several month and reinforces it with temporary cement, if there’s a necessity of the correction.

Then the dentist states that the crown is fully suited to the patient.

To check the functionality of implant, the patient should occasionally do an X-ray.

Implantation – is a long-term investment in the health of your teeth.

Before implantation the dentist assesses general health condition of a patient, makes an X-ray of the jawbone and its density, checks the state of hard and soft bone in the mouth to choose the effective way of implantation. Despite the fact that implantation procedure takes a long time and a lot of costs unlike traditional prosthetics, it is an essential long-term investment in dental problems. The implants are made from human tissue biologically compatible material – titanium – so the patient who takes cares of his or her dental hygiene well, will be pretty happy with dental implants for the rest of his/her life.


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